Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

Can I get a..... ?!

I was 19.I was fed up with little boys who called themselves "men".This was supposed to be OUR night - a "girls nite out".No talking to any "men", no dancing with them..just having fun without them. That was the plan....

Me and my girl got to this club and it was had a few drinks and just celebrated our graduation from school. Yeahhh school was out for good! Then this guy walks by and smiles at me.You know one of those " whats up shorty" kinda smiles.I just rolled my eyes and kept starring in the other direction.My girl on the other hand got crazy. She was like " Have you seen that?! He is so cute.I think i have to dance with him".Yup yup, there went our "girls nite out" theme for the night.

The whole night she tried to dance with him - she "accidently" touched him, spilled a drink close to him and so on..and what did he do?! He walked up to me asking me if I want to dance with him...I said " Nah im good"...
He walked away...but he came back. He asked about 3 times.But I really wanted to stick to my plan NOT to talk to any men that night.

After he got me a drink and asked for the 4th time if I wanted to dance I walked up to my girl and said "ok listen. imma leave her for 30 minutes.If you cant get him to dance with you, I will give it a try" She said "ok" and so I left.

About 30 mins later I went back inside the club and my girl was sitting there talking to some guy - not him tho. Actually I couldnt even see him but on the other hand I wasnt really looking for him either.
Just when I was ready to leave there he was..asking me for a dance..AGAIN.

This time I said yes and I still remember the first dance was to Ja Rules " Can I get a..." - lol I loved that song. I have to admit he had some moves....
After a few dances he asked me for my number..and yes i did give it to him.

I have to tell you tho that I been a bad girl and also gave my number to some guy i met the night before.So I told my girl, whoever calls first - Im gonna go out with...

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